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Binary converter

This is my second programming assignment, second semester (2012). It is a C program that converts binary input into different formats, like decimal, signed decimal, hexadecimal, timestamp, color and other. Binary data is input by clicking circles to set them on/off. Data is saved and when program is run again, it remembers last input. Many bit operations are available, like incrementing, decrementing, shifting, reversing, swapping, etc. There are also options to generate random number, or set the value to current unix timestamp. I used the Allegro library for graphics.

Binary converter

Christmas card


This is my first programming assignment from 1st semester (2011) and probably the oldest project on this website. It is basically an animated christmas card with sound. The card is dedicated to my girlfriend. The text is drawn using a “segment display” function that I created. The project was created in C using Allegro library.

The snowflakes fall downwards with varying speeds, and snow accumulates on the bottom of the screen. “Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer” is played in the background.

Download source code


This is a little game I made in C using Allegro library over a year ago, when I started learning C. It’s very simple, AI always predicts where the ball will go, so it takes a skilled human to beat it.

My first game made using Allegro

My first game made using Allegro

Conway’s life

Life simulation in C using Allegro lib.

I made this simulation over a year ago when I was learning C. I was inspired by Conway’s Game of Life. Cells can be killed or brought back to life by clicking mouse, so it has an interaction side to it as opposed to normal simulation, but it follows the same rules. It saves state to a file and reads from it when program is started. I made it in C using Allegro graphics library. Hours of fun!

Steganography assignment


This is one of my assignments, I made it last year for Programming with Persistant Data. It was quite a challenge to make a program that encrypts binary files into a bitmap and decrypts it back.

Source code: