File Manager


This app is my response to a number of overcomplicated file managers in Google Play that are often outdated and disregard new APIs and design guidelines.

I created this app with simplicity of use and convenience in mind. It allows users to add bookmarks to slide-out drawer, and it comes with preset bookmarks to default media directories that can be easily modified by user by starring/unstarring folders.

It will also automatically detect media directories, and display media content using cards with preview of the image/video/album cover.

The feature set of this app is limited to viewing content and basic file operations, but also sharing files, but also sports unique features like creating shortcuts to files and folders in the homescreen. Another interesting feature is displaying file icons in a similar fashion as MS windows, by superimposing an app icon over the file, signifying which app will open the file when clicked.

I’ve planned more features for this app, like built-in media player, gallery viewer, file chooser, but due to other projects, college, and my internship, I do not have the time to actively maintain this project at the moment.

File list File info dialog Media cards

File manager is available in Google Play, and source code is available on GitHub.

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