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Micky is my Robocode robot written in Java for the Robocode competition at Games Fleadh 2012 in Tipperary.
While it was definately the most clever robot in the bunch, it took second place, being beaten only by DKIT’s wallbot.

It is a pretty simple and clever robot which main goal is to keep moving sideways to the enemy in short bursts to increase unpredictability. It changes the angle depending on distance to the enemy, and ideally will circle around it, or reverse, it a wall is encountered. Micky fires at all times, increasing firing power is enemy is close. Source code is available below.

Christmas 2525

This is my first GameCraft project. We had about 9 hours to make this game completely from scratch. It’s a space shooter. You’re a Santa Claus trying to deliver presents to marsian children. The game supports keyboard controls as well as xbox gamepad.


Game credits

Game credits

Download full source code