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This is my first android app. I created it in Java using Eclipse and android SDK. It converts numbers between decimal, hexadecimal and binary. It has extra features, like incrementing/decrementing, bit shifting. It can be used for conversions as well as learning how data is stored in a computer memory, and how different number systems work.

BinaryConverter in Google Play Store
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Binary converter

This is my second programming assignment, second semester (2012). It is a C program that converts binary input into different formats, like decimal, signed decimal, hexadecimal, timestamp, color and other. Binary data is input by clicking circles to set them on/off. Data is saved and when program is run again, it remembers last input. Many bit operations are available, like incrementing, decrementing, shifting, reversing, swapping, etc. There are also options to generate random number, or set the value to current unix timestamp. I used the Allegro library for graphics.

Binary converter