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Convoy Trucking Android app


Convoy Trucking android app a companion app meant for Convoy Trucking players to view website content without having to switch to web browser. It is designed for both phones and tablets, and looks beautiful on both.

It fetches data as a json feed from Convoy Trucking API and uses Universal Image Loader library to download and cache images.

The app can be downloaded from Google Play: Convoy Trucking.
The source code is available on GitHub.

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IP Encoder

This include file provides a set of functions for encoding/decoding IP addresses into 32 bit variables. This way they are easier to compare and more efficient to work with than strings. Encoded values are particularly more efficient in pawn, where every character of unpacked string takes 32 bits.

Release topic

Convoy Trucking

Convoy Trucking

Project website: www.convoytrucking.net.
Community forums: www.forum.convoytrucking.net


This gamemode is my first and biggest project in Pawn. I started working on it in January 2010 and in two weeks created server called Convoy Trucking. To this day I continue working on it, and the community of players keeps growing.



Some of the features included in my gamemode:

  • Fuel and gas station system – vehicles need to be fueled to run, and fuel decreases while driving
  • Speedometer and speedtraps – player’s speed is calculated server-side and then displayed on the screen. Speedtraps are scattered around the map, if player exceeds speed limit, they get fined.
  • Islands, ferry boat, and lifting bridge – There is a chain of islands created in most part by me. I made a ferry boat using moving objects that goes between islands. Players can board the ferry to get across the sea. Bridge is another way to get to the islands, it crosses path with ferry boat, and goes up everytime the ferry comes close to it.
  • Missions/work – players can earn money by doing all kinds of missions, majority of which is trucking. Players can deliver goods in convoy or alone.
  • Player accounts – players can register on server to save their stats. Data is saved in the MySQL database.
  • House/vehicle ownership – players can purchase house, vehicles and other items. Vehicles can be insured to prevent them being destroyed.
  • In-game contacts – players can keep in touch with their friends using a /cellphone menu. Pretty much like real cellphone, it allows players to add others to their contact list, send messages even if they are offline. Cellphone is good for a variety of other things, like calling assistance when vehicle is broken down, or quickly selling house/vehicles.
  • Cruise Control – can be activated by player to keep constant vehicle speed
  • Dynamic weather – each player can experience different weather conditions depending on their location on map
  • Anti-cheat “Smokey the Bear” – automatically detects hacks used by players and bans cheaters. It detects most common cheats like speedhack, teleporting, flying cars, weapons (guns are not allowed on server), and other.

Convoy Trucking map

This is quite big project, the gamemode alone counts 35k lines. The community consists of 50k accounts created within the last 180 days, 3k of which are registered on forum. Our staff consists of 17 members, 4 of which are administrators. They all do a great job at ensuring that game is fair for everyone and nobody is cheating.

The main theme of the gamemode are trucking missions, but it has a variety of side missions too (airplanes, helicopters, towing, stealing cars, etc). Players gain money by doing all kinds of missions, and can spend that money on house, vehicles, and a variety of items and services, like assistance, car insurance, bike, pilot license, drinks and many more.



The gamemode gives players plenty of freedom to do anything and one of its goals it to provide close-to-real-world environment, and so vehicles need to be fueled, they can break down if damaged too badly, but players can fix vehicles themselves, or call assistance. There is a Police class, that players can join if they pass the Police Test and get their Police Badge. The Police Officers can fine players, fines are accumulated by speeding past speedtraps, or driving on wrong side of the road. Police can also inspect trucks if they are overloaded, arrest wanted players, etc. Players can become wanted automaticallt if they refuse to pull over when asked by Police, can’t afford to pay fine, or drive under influence of alcohol. Wanted level can also be gained by stealing cars, which is one of the jobs available in the gamemode.

Drinking Sprunk

Drinking Sprunk

Convoy Trucking website

Convoy Trucking

Website address: www.convoytrucking.net

This is basically the website for my gameserver. I am not good at graphic design, so someone else did the layout for me. I focused on scripting the page to work with the server’s database.

The website consists of multiple parts. Some of them are visible to everyone, some just for players, and admin panel just for server staff. Its main function is to show information about server to players. They can see what houses are currently available for sale, what vehicles can be bought and where, and view/apply for clubs/communities within server. Club leaders can also manage their clubs using club panel within the website.

Admin panel is a big part of the website. It allows administrators to see what is currently going on on the server, view bans, player accounts etc. But I will not go into much details about it.

Log Searcher

This is my second take at log filtering application, former being made in Delphi. It was a simple and slow application. This one is new, made completely from scratch in Visual C#. It’s actually the first program I made in C#, I learned C# by making it.

Server logs tend to be enormous. About 25mb of text data is generated by server every day. Some events are logged to database, where they are easy to search, but often server admins need to look at the original log to solve a dispute between players, or a complaint. I made this application for myself and other admins in my server to easily filter and search logs. For instance, if they are looking only for entries from one player, they can filter it to show lines that mention that player’s nickname. On top of that they can search the results for other text. One of the best aspects of this app, is that one can load multiple files at once, which makes it even easier to search for entries when they are spread across multiple days.

Application for searching server logs.

Application for searching server logs.