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Conway’s life

This is a Life simulator based on Conway’s Game of Life. It uses a Camera class, so user can pan around and zoom in and out to enlarge the cells. My fevourite feature is “genetics”. Cells start with random colours and as new cells are created, they inherit color from their parents (average RGB value). One can also spawn predefined life forms (crawlers, oscillators etc) and load/save the state as a bitmap file. File can be adited using MS Paint and loaded into program.

Conway's life

Conway’s life

Life simulation in C using Allegro lib.

I made this simulation over a year ago when I was learning C. I was inspired by Conway’s Game of Life. Cells can be killed or brought back to life by clicking mouse, so it has an interaction side to it as opposed to normal simulation, but it follows the same rules. It saves state to a file and reads from it when program is started. I made it in C using Allegro graphics library. Hours of fun!