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This is my first android app. I created it in Java using Eclipse and android SDK. It converts numbers between decimal, hexadecimal and binary. It has extra features, like incrementing/decrementing, bit shifting. It can be used for conversions as well as learning how data is stored in a computer memory, and how different number systems work.

BinaryConverter in Google Play Store
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IP Encoder

This include file provides a set of functions for encoding/decoding IP addresses into 32 bit variables. This way they are easier to compare and more efficient to work with than strings. Encoded values are particularly more efficient in pawn, where every character of unpacked string takes 32 bits.

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Steganography assignment


This is one of my assignments, I made it last year for Programming with Persistant Data. It was quite a challenge to make a program that encrypts binary files into a bitmap and decrypts it back.

Source code: