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Map loader

This is an include file that loads objects to server from .map files (MTA format). MTA is a popular mapping tool, but map files are not natively supported by SA-MP. This include allows programmer to easily load the maps.

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Weather streamer

This is a very cool script that can be added to any server to make weather location-dependant. Normally SA-MP allows scripts to set weather to all players at once or independently. This script allows programmer to set different weather to each area and then in the runtime tracks players’ position to assign them the weather depending on location.

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Cruise Control

This script does exactly what it says: it allows player to set a constant speed of driving. At the moment of activation, it checks player’s current speed and stores it to memory. Once every 500ms it applies that speed with regard to player’s heading direction. It deactivates manually or automatically when player hits and obstacle. It’s a very old and outdated script. Its newer version is implemented in my Convoy Trucking server.

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