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MySQL Backup Engine

Finally, I got around to updating my database backup utility! I started by creating a MySQL connection library and a “Backup Engine” library, which I hooked up to a test console app. This approach will allow me to have two different applications that use the same back end. One application will be a windows client and the there will be a command line utility as well.

The original version was created over a year ago and hasn’t been worked on until now.

The new project consists of:

  • Database connection library
  • Database Backup engine
  • Commandline app
  • Windows forms app

It saves backup into .sql files of predefined size. I created a DynamicFile class which saves text data into multiple files and allows the programmer to get the list of filenames afterwards:

Actually, I extended this class into DynamicSqlFile and created some methods useful for writing SQL files:

It has a handful of useful methods, like WriteComment(), which automatically appends “– ” before the text and ends it with a NewLine character. It also returns and instance of itself, making this possible:

Which makes for very compact and readable code. It ends up looking like this in the SQL file:

Commandline interface:


Work in progress

Work in progress

Date to Date

This program made in 2004 (I was 16 at the time) shows number of days, weeks, months and years between two dates. Unfortunately (or luckily) I don’t have the source code anymore due to the hard disk crash somewhere between 2004 and 2006. Did I mention this program is in Polish?

Date 2 Date


This simple utility recoursively renames all of your mp3 files in a folder to match the ID3 tags. The new filename would be “Artist – Title.mp3″. I made it in 2005, all code is in the Form class and all work is done in the main thread.


Handy Notepad

I made this program back in 2006 in Delphi 6 or 7. I made a lot of projects in Delphi back then, even though my programming skills weren’t as good. So can’t really take the responsibility for what you’re about to see when you look into the source code. Surprisingly, this is the one of my programs that I’ve actually been using for a long time. It sits in the system tray and allows user to paste notes by right clicking the icon and selecting “Paste from clipboard”. Notes can be named and renamed.

Handy Notepad

Download source code

This program is very promitive. All the code is in the Form class:

DIT Timetables

An android app for DIT students to view their timetables. It downloads timetable data from web timetables and saves a local copy on user’s device. It lets user filter lectures and labs by group.

DIT Timetable in Google Play Store

Settings screen

Settings screen

Landscape layout

Landscape layout

Group selection dialog

Group selection dialog

DIT Timetable

"About" dialog

“About” dialog